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N5173B EXG X系列微波模拟信号发生器 9 kHz to 13, 20, 31.8 or 40 GHz +20 dBm output power at 20 GHz -101 dBc/Hz phase



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Signal characteristics

  • 9 kHz to 13, 20, 31.8 or 40 GHz
  • +20 dBm output power at 20 GHz
  • -101 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 GHz and 20 kHz offset
  • High stability OCXO < ±5 x 10-10 per day

Modulation and sweep

  • AM, FM, ØM and narrow pulse
  • Pulse train generator
  • 10 MHz multifunction generator and LF out
  • Digital step and list sweep modes with <600 µs switching speed

Automation and communication interface

  • 1000BaseT LAN, LXI, USB 2.0, and GPIB
  • SCPI, IVI-COM, MATLAB drivers
  • Backward compatible with all ESG, MXG, PSG and 8648x signal generators
  • Keysight USB power sensor compatible with embedded display and SCPI control


The cost-effective EXG

When you need to balance budget and performance the EXG is the best choice. It provides the essential signals that address parametric testing of components and receivers.

Maximize budget and performance with outstanding hardware

  • Confidently test components with excellent level accuracy and repeatability
  • Compensate for test system losses with best-in-class output power
  • Maximize throughput with fast switching speed
  • Shrink your test stand with two rack-unit height
  • Get the performance and capabilities you need today and easily upgrade later

Maximize resources with low cost of ownership

  • Increase uptime with high mean time between failures (MTBF) based on first-generation MXG track record
  • Minimize downtime and expenses with self-maintenance strategy and low-cost repairs
  • Standard 3-year calibration cycle and warranty
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